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    iSupplier Portal Information

    I’ve lost access to iSupplier portal. How do I get to the portal?

    Go to suppliers.csx.com or follow the path on the iSupplier page.

    My iSupplier portal password doesn’t work. How do I reset password?

    1. If you have had individual portal access previously: 
      1. Please go to https://suppliers.csx.com/OA_HTML/AppsLocalLogin.jsp and click on iSupplier Login Assistance. 
    2. If you have not had previous individual portal access: 

      1. Contact your CSX Business Partner to fill out a supplier request form on individual’s behalf.

    I need to change my remit to address.

    If you would like to change your remit to address, login to the CSX iSupplier portal and change address using the instructions for Adding a New Remit To Address.

    If you do not have a portal login, please contact your CSX Business Partner. Your CSX Business Partner will need to submit a request for your access. Once that is done you will receive instructions on navigating the portal.

    I would like to be added as a contact.

    In order to be added as an iSupplier portal contact, we need your CSX Business Partner to verify you are an approved contact for your company. Please send an email to your CSX Business Partner with your request.

    Invoicing, Payment, and Purchase Orders

    How do I add tax to my invoice?

    Please see page 4 of instructions for Acknowledging a PO and Creating an Invoice.

    How do I get my invoice paid?

    1. If your invoice has a PO number please create the invoice using instructions for Acknowledging a PO and Creating an Invoice.
    2. If your invoice does not contain a PO, please contact the person who requested the material/service for payment.

    Why hasn’t my invoice paid?

    • For purchase order invoices on hold: 
      Please contact buyer listed on purchase order in iSupplier portal.
    • For payments issued, but not received:
      Please contact Accounts Payable at AccountsPayable@csx.com.
    • For purchase order invoices not yet submitted to iSupplier portal:
      Please follow instructions for Acknowledging a PO and Creating an Invoice

    When can I expect payment for my invoices?

    The payment date is based on the payment terms negotiated between your company and CSX. The calculation begins the day your invoice is received in the CSX Accounts Payable Department. This will not necessarily be the same as the invoice date, especially if invoices are mailed to CSX. If you have access to the iSupplier portal, you can find the payment date. It is the “due date” if there are no holds.

    What if my original invoice was cancelled or rejected?

    Please email accountspayable@csx.com and provide your complete invoice number and, if applicable, PO number. The rejection/cancellation will be researched and someone will advise you of next steps. For EDI invoices please see the section below.

    What do I do when Accounts Payable tells me it does not “see” my invoices in the system?

    Please ensure appropriate time is allowed for your invoice to appear. Generally, this will be within 24-72 hours depending on the type of invoice processed. EDI invoices may take a bit longer if errors or corrections are required. You may be notified if this occurs.

    If your invoice cannot be seen in the CSX system after this time, it generally means that the invoice was either not received or rejected, and invoice will need to be resubmitted.

    If you submitted the invoice through the iSupplier portal, it may not have been fully submitted. Check your SAVED invoices, and complete the submission. NOTE: You will not be able to view your invoices until the next business day after they have been successfully submitted. Please see instructions for Acknowledging a PO and Creating an Invoice

    Why can’t I see my PO?

    If you would like to view your PO, please login to the iSupplier portal for that information. If you do not have a portal login, please contact your CSX Business Partner. Your CSX Business Partner will need to submit a request for your access. Once that is done you will receive instructions on navigating the portal.


    What should I do if my Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) invoice is rejected?

    Review the EDI Rejection Notice Procedures at the bottom of the EDI Transactions page to find out why your invoice was rejected. Correct and retransmit via EDI.

    I am having an EDI issue.

    Please email P&MOracleSupport@csx.com and explain your issue. We will respond to the email with next steps. Note: Please see the link above first, if your invoice was rejected.

    Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Payments

    CSX prefers suppliers are paid electronically.

    • All new US based suppliers must be set up for EFT payments.
    • CSX reserves the right to implement a $25 charge per check issued for US based suppliers.
    • CSX cannot offer EFT to non-US based suppliers at this time.

    I need to update my banking or EFT information.

    For security purposes, we are unable to accept banking over email. Please login to the CSX iSupplier portal and change your banking using instructions Adding or Changing a Bank Account.

    If you do not have a portal login, please contact your CSX Business Partner. Your CSX Business Partner will need to submit a request for your access. Once that is done, you will receive instructions on navigating the portal and updating your banking.

    I updated my banking, but I have had a returned payment. What do I do?

    Accounts Payable will email the contact on file within a few days following the returned or rejected payment. Please look for the email, and respond as requested.

    Why don't I get backup (remittance notices) for my EFT?

    If you do not receive backup (remittance) detail directly from your bank, please email P&MOracleSupport@csx.com to request remittance notices from CSX via email. Only one email address may receive notices at a time.


    My check was lost or damaged.

    Please request that the contact on file email accountspayable@csx.com. Please ensure they provide the check number, business name, and payment amount in the email for assistance.


    What if my Unit Of Measure (UOM) can’t be changed and does not match CSX’s?

    Email P&MOracleSupport@csx.com


    I have a favorite carrier that I do business with. Can I continue to use “John Doe Trucking” when shipping to CSX?

    CSX takes responsibility for freight charges for material shipped to our locations. Therefore, we reserve the right to identify the carriers that are authorized for these shipments. If you choose to select a carrier other than those identified in our routing instructions, you will be considered noncompliant and will be responsible for payment of freight charges.

    As a supplier or carrier, what information is critical to successful pick-up, delivery and billing of transportation charges?

    Review CSX Routing Instructions for Shipping Material. It is critical that you obtain and identify the following on your shipment documents:

    • CSX purchase order number.
    • An authorization for expenditures (AFE) or outside party (OP) number, if applicable.
    • Contact information for CSX shipment destination, including employee job title, name and cell phone number.

    Once I receive a purchase order from CSX, how do I arrange shipping?

    Review the CSX Routing Instructions for Shipping Material. This provides shippers with phone numbers, information requirements and carrier instructions for the timing of shipments and the volume and type of material.

    Investment Recovery

    Can I purchase scrap ties for landscaping?

    CSX generally does not sell scrap materials directly to the general public. We have contracts with several companies that handle our scrap-removal services. If you wish to purchase scrap ties, contact National Salvage and Service Corporation at 800-769-8437.

    Do you have any cabooses for sale?

    CSX uses a small number of cabooses as converted shoving platforms; however, we are continually re-evaluating our fleet and may consider selling some of the cabooses from time to time. Please email InvestmentRecovery@csx.com with your inquiry.


    How do I get a CSX Sales Tax Exemption Form?

    Email salestax@csx.com with your request.

    My company is being bought/merged with another company. What do I do?

    • To change a supplier name that retains same tax identification number. Name change must first be filed and approved with IRS prior to submitting name change to CSX:
      • Email P&MOracleSupport@CSX.com and include:
        • Supplier Name/Account Number
        • Signed, dated W9 form completed by supplier
        • Formal, legal documentation regarding name change
    • To create a new supplier (new name and new tax identification number):
      • Please contact your CSX Business Partner and ask them to submit a supplier request to create a new supplier